Midea WHS-258C1 Review

Midea WHS-258C1 Review

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The Midea WHS-258C1 is a large-capacity chest freezer that can hold substantial amounts of frozen food within its 7-cubic-foot interior. Whether you entertain a great deal or just like keeping foods on hand for convenience, the Midea chest freezer can hold a lot of food.

It uses more electricity than some of the chest freezers  we looked at. It consumes 250 kWh per year and costs an estimated $30 per year to operate. This is not an unreasonable expense, but it is above average when compared with other small chest freezers. But given its large 7-cubic-foot capacity, you would expect it to consume more energy than average. A freezer with a lower annual cost is the Haier HF50CM23NW . 

It stands 33.46 inches high and is 37.2 inches wide and 20.59 inches deep. With the lid opened, it reaches a height of 52 inches. There is enough interior space in this compact freezer to fit an enormous assortment of foods. Weighing in at 72.6 pounds, it is quite light for a large-capacity freezer.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate how much clearance space you need on either side, which is important information for a consumer looking to fit a deep freezer into a specific area in their home or garage. However, you will need at least six inches in the back so air can circulate freely and the appliance can work at its best.

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This small deep freezer is not equipped with a power-on indicator light to let you know if it is keeping your food safely cold or if it has stopped working for some reason that you need to investigate. On the plus side, this freezer has a child lock, which is an important safety feature and quite uncommon for a chest freezer. This not only prevents children from accessing, but also reduces the possibility of the door being left open.

It also comes with a storage basket to hold items that you reach for often. The basket is removable so you can rearrange things as you use them or for cleaning purposes. In addition, this freezer has a drain that makes the task of manual defrosting much easier. Regrettably, this freezer does not have adjustable legs, which would allow you to level the freezer regardless of the ground it is sitting on.