Infratech Review

Infratech Review

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Infratech makes a line of mounted outdoor heaters that produce concentrated heat to keep your patio comfortable when the temperature falls. Unlike freestanding models, these electric patio heaters are placed on a wall or on the roof of your patio, up to 14 feet high. You can also mount them on a pole, for better portability. The Infratech outdoor heater comes in several colors, provides low emissions and gives your patio a warm, ambient glow.

The purpose of this patio heater isn’t to add aesthetic appeal, but to remain hidden. By using quartz elements to create heat electronically, Infratech patio heaters produce comfortable warmth without emitting a bright, harsh light. They are long bars from 33 to 61 inches in length that you can make flush with your wall or ceiling. The outer shell comes in white, almond, beige, bronze or black.

You can choose to install these patio heaters yourself or bring in a professional. You can find detailed installation instructions in the owner’s manual on Infratech’s official website. But if you don’t have experience in electrical work, you might be better served hiring an electrician to put it in safely. Once installed, they are easier to operate and will last longer than freestanding models. There are no valves, ignition components or other moving parts, and there is no need to refill a heavy tank. Of course, these patio heaters are meant to be installed in one place and aren’t portable – unless you choose to mount them on a moveable pole.

These electric patio heaters are efficient and eco-friendly. There are no fumes, sounds or toxic emissions. These outdoor heaters convert 90 percent of energy into radiant heat. In windy and drafty conditions, freestanding heaters have the tendency to blow out, something you don’t have to worry about with an electric heater. Electric heat costs less than propane, though slightly more than natural gas heaters.

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Another unique attribute of electric heat is how versatile it is. It works much more like a central heater in your home. Freestanding heaters, like those made by Sunglo , normally have two settings – on and off. Infratech patio heaters have an optional control element, which allows you to set the level of heat you prefer. It also has a timer.

The Infratech patio heater has a minimal design and provides heat to your patio without getting in the way. You never have to worry about refilling a fuel tank, and there aren’t a lot of moving parts. However, they may require professional installation, which increases your overall costs.