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AZ Patio Heaters sells a line of outdoor heaters that can help keep you warm on chilly nights. You can choose from freestanding, mounted and tabletop models, and AZ builds patio heaters that use propane, natural gas and electricity. These are finely built outdoor heaters that look good and can warm your patio effectively. However, they can quickly begin to rust if you don’t buy a cover to protect them, and the assembly instructions are hard to follow.

The company’s freestanding outdoor heaters are around 7 ½ feet tall and constructed of high-quality materials – mainly stainless steel, hammered bronze and silver. They produce between 40,000 to 41,000 Btu of heat, which is more than enough to keep the area around them warm on a cool autumn evening. AZ Patio Heaters’ units typically cost less than most other patio heaters, such as Sunglo and Infratech.

Its standing patio heaters come in two styles: tapered and pyramid. Tapered patio heaters are utilitarian in appearance with the warming element on top. On the other hand, the pyramid models are more elegant, with a flame up the middle to provide warmth. Either option can heat your patio and keep you and your guest comfortable when the sun goes down.

The tabletop models are miniaturized versions of the freestanding heaters. They are more portable but much less powerful than their full-size counterparts. Expect one of AZ’s tabletop patio heaters to put out about 11,000 Btu of heat. This is enough to keep the area immediately around the table warm, but if you walk more than a few feet away, you’ll notice the drop in temperature.

AZ Patio Heaters also sells mounted heaters you can attach to a wall or ceiling. These are good for warming the area immediately around your home, garage or pool house. Since they’re basically a permanent fixture, you want to install them where you most need the heat. These models are also good for heating some indoor spaces like garages and toolsheds.

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While AZ Patio Heaters’ products are good quality and you are likely to find one that meets your needs, there are some drawbacks. The assembly instructions in the owner’s manual are hard to follow, so be sure you understand the directions before you begin putting your heater together. Also, when left open to the elements, AZ’s outdoor heaters can rust quickly, so you need to purchase a cover separately to protect yours from Mother Nature.

AZ Patio Heaters are some of the best outdoor heaters you can buy. The company manufactures a wide variety of patio heaters, including high-powered freestanding models, portable tabletop heaters and mounted units. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully and keep your heater covered when not in use.